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Study abroad consulting

Edu Career is a trusted guide for all the study needs of a student in India and abroad.

Test preparation training

Educareer provides test preparation training. The exams depend upon the countries and universities.

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Course advice

Expert guidance for the selection of appropriate courses and educational institutions in preferred locations.

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University / college application processing

Adept advice for the University/college application processing in different nations

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Overseas education loan assistance

Bank loan assistance with all major banks with information on various educational loans.

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Scholarship assistance

Assistance in applying for scholarships to study in different countries and universities.

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Visa application assistance

Centralized team for visa preparation & documentation with the latest updates on visa formality.

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Health insurance

Helping students choose their health insurance effectively in the time of visa processing

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is very important for students who decided to study abroad, it makes their travel tension free

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Forex refers to the global electronic marketplace for trading international currencies.

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Student bank account

We help our students for accessing a new bank account in their new country.

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Student flight tickets

We assist students in booking flight tickets for their travel and relocation for the course of study there.

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Pre-departure guidance/support

We arrange pre-departure briefings for students to let them know about launching their studies abroad.

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International money transfer

Our international money transfers service is very helpful for our students to start a new beginning

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International sim card

Educareer help for buying an International sim card. Educareer help for buying an International sim card. 

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Airport pickup

Educareer provides airport pick up and drop facilities for your new country

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A comfortable and safe accommodation makes all the difference to your study abroad experience.

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Personality & career assessment test

Educareer help with personality & career assessment tests. The tests depend upon the country.

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