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Refund Policy

The majority of Canadian Universities and Colleges have an application fee for students from India to process the application for admission (https://www.ontariocolleges.ca/en/apply/application-fees).  Our Students/Parents can now make application fee payments online for applying to universities/colleges in Canada through Edu Career Services Pvt. Ltd. using our websites, payment link, QR, or web application.

I have provided true and correct answers to the questions in this form. I understand that if false or misleading information is submitted, my admission/application process may be delayed/declined and Edu Career Services Pvt. Ltd. (Educareer) is not responsible for the same.


I[ Students/Parents] know that the registration fees I have remitted to Educareer for the sole purpose of getting the admission from the chosen University/College for the specified intake and this fee is non-refundable in circumstances.


I [ Students/Parents]know that only the University/College may make decisions as to whether the applicant shall be admitted on proposed course and understand that the absolute discretion on my application is rests with the university and not with Educareer.


I[ Students/Parents] know that it is my responsibility to fulfill the University/College admission requirements and any conditions specified in the letter of admission in due time, otherwise, my application for admission or letter of admission will be canceled/withdrawn by the university/college.


I[ Students/Parents] confirm that the ID proofs including passport, academic certificates, financial documents, English language examination results, employment proofs, and other supporting documents submitted by me for admission and visa purposes are genuine and it is my sole responsibility to make sure as it is. I am legally liable if I submit any tampered with and forged documents and Educareer is not responsible for that to any extend.

In case of any query, you may contact our office at +919207770300 or write to us at info@educareerindia.com