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Study In USA

USA is the dream destination for many international students as it offers the most attractive avenues and broad choices for enhancing education and pursuing dream careers.

 The USA is an economic super power with very strong foundation of democracy and refined culture. There are scores of successful immigrants forming the back bone of US economy there by having a social acceptance of immigration.

Quality of Education:

USA colleges and universities are renowned for the quality of their infrastructure, resources personnel and faculty. The education system in the US assures this quality through regular quality checks. Also the U.S. higher education leverages cutting-edge technology and top learning facilities and has personalized study programs and excellent manpower.
Value for Money:

A USA degree offers great value recognised world wide and there are options to choose from a variety of fees and living costs. There are support systems from colleges as well.
Availability of Options:

There are numerous institutions and programs in USA, which offers the students with variety of choices to find an institution that matches with their academic interests and profile. There are options to switch from one institution to another as part of progression plan.

Colleges and Universities in the US offer a wide range of courses and the understanding of the education system is imperative.

Quality Control by the Government:

Though the educational system is not under the control of U S central government, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of education through various accreditation agencies. During the selection of courses and colleges the students can verify the credentials of the institution as well as the courses. There are dedicated accreditation agencies for almost every steam for specialised domain attention. The institutions are owned by independent bodies or trustees or by local and state government sharing. Private schools and colleges are more expensive than the government ones.

The US degrees hold high value opening new avenues in career advancement.

Accreditation process ensures the quality assurance of the services provide by any institution.

Criteria is for grading universities by accreditation agencies:

  • Number of students
  • Curriculum and choice of electives and flexibility of subjects
  • Leveraging of newest technology
  • Focus on extra curricular activities like sports
  • IT enhancement facilities
  • Library facilities
  • Scholarships and welfare measures
  • Nature of classes like student interaction and research opportunities
  • Infrastructures like campus grade hostel etc
  • Evaluation system for grading

Flexible schedule

The most exciting thing provided by universities is the flexibility in their academic calendar. There is a systematic and progressive focus on holistic education with lots of interactive sessions and class tests.

Credit System

In US the academic subjects taken for stipulated periods are called courses. Laboratory hours, seminars, presentations, term work submissions along with the teaching phase, play a major part in the grading system. A credit hour is given for every course taken which means the teaching hours in classes of the particular course. If the schedule demands minimum 20 credit hours for a particular subject, the student must attend 20 hours of teaching classes for successfully passing the course.

Generally at the graduate level for 4 years, the minimum credit hours ranges from 120 to 130. Credit hours play as important role as the course grades and credit are the judging criteria of a student’s academic performance.

Foreign students must attend full time course to make preserve their visa status.

Those over-all performances include the credits for:

  • Laboratory & Field work
  • Interaction with students
  • Submissions in time
  • Seminars and presentations
  • Research Studies
  • Presentation of reports and papers
  • Attendance
  • Total tests taken and their grades

GPA system

Every subject has got some credits and they get summed up and the average is called the Grade Point Average. Grades are added by variety of means like class interaction, submission of papers, communication skills, technical knowledge, practical works, research etc.

So adding up all these grades along with the credit hours can enhance the over-all score of  a student. The grades are:- A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Average, 
D = Below, F = Fail

Eligibility Criteria for study in USA

Following are the brief eligibility criteria in USA:

  • Relevant educational qualification with good grades, for the course applied for.
  • Adequate score in tests like GMAT, TOEFL GRE and IELTS
  • Valid statement of purpose and recommendation letters.
  • Work experience and personal

Admissions and Visa in USA

Applications have to be prepared diligently to avoid rejection for variety of non qualifying aspects like erroneous and incomplete documentation.

 Documents for application

  • Application forms
  • Transcripts from the college or high school attended
  • The essay / statement of purpose
  • The letter of recommendation (either they are signed or not)
  • A valid passport
  • Visa Application Fee
  • Confirmation sheet of DS-160 application form.
  • A self-addressed envelope size B5 or smaller (which is half of a A-4 paper sheet) with 85 kroner worth of stamps attached.
  • One photograph

Student Visa Applicants

  • I-20 or DS-2019 form issued by school or institution
  • SEVIS Fee receipt

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