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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities for International Students in the USA

Looking for a job as an International student can be a difficult task in the USA. Most of the employees are unwilling to hire international students due to cultural differences and visa complexities.

How to get a Job in the USA?

International students need to be well prepared before beginning their job hunt in the USA. Here are a few tips that might help.

  • Start early as it takes a longer time to find a company that sponsors H1 B Visas for its employees.
  • Research the visa options to study in U.S.A  and collect information regarding the application process and deadlines.
  • Take career sessions with your school’s career coach as they have more experience with international students and can help you out with all the different cases.
  • Stay connected to your classmates and teachers. 70% of jobs are found through solid connections in the USA.

Study in the U.S.A: How to Apply for a Green Card?

Many International students pursue study in the USA with the long-term aim to achieve permanent residency in the USA. Only a green card holder or a lawful permanent resident is allowed to work and reside in the USA permanently.

There are 4 major categories under which it is possible to get a Green card in the USA. Having family ties with a US resident, Employment sponsorship, Diversity immigrants and Refugees and asylees.

After completing your degree in the USA, you can apply for permanent residency under employment sponsorship category. For that one first need to have an H-1 B visa which is a permit to work in the USA after degree completion. The most preferred candidates for the green card are the following:

  • People with extraordinary ability in the field of Art, Science, Education, Business or Athletics.
  • Outstanding Professors and teachers
  • Multinational Executives and managers
  • Professional with Labor Certification

Living in the United States after degree completion can be a tricky task. But if a student performs exceptionally there are chances that he may land up in a job in the States.

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Study in USA

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Why USA?

The USA is one of the top destinations to attract international students from all around the world.

Test to Study in USA

Admission to most of the courses and universities in the U.S.A requires one to take a few standardized tests like TOEFL, SAT, ACT etc.

Admission Process

Applying to a university or a college in the USA is undoubtedly a daunting process.

Student VISA

Every year millions of students leave their home countries to go to study in the U.S.A.


According to the IIE’s Open Doors Report, there are 819,644 international students study in the U.S.A.

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