Student Visa New Zealand

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Student Visa New Zealand

Visa holds the utmost importance while people plan to leave their country. The visa process of New Zealand is quite simple and fast. Generally, visa (work, study or visitor) process takes hardly 20 -25 days to complete which is quite less when compared to other competitive nations.

Types of Visas for New Zealand

Visitor Visa

Duration – Up to 3 months

Generally, the tourists receive visa within the given validity. For students, if they are interested for any course in New Zealand, they can join the course which must not exceed 3 months. In case, it does, then such students need to get a student visa issued.

Fee Paying Student Visa

Duration – Up to 4 years

Students planning to study for long-term in school, tertiary education or English language may opt for this category.

They have an advantage to work for around 20 hours a week, part-time or full-time depending upon the visa condition.

The life of student visa is same as that of education one has paid for. It may go up to 4 years.

Student Exchange Visa

Maximum Duration – Up to 4 years

If the students are accepted for the student exchange program, they can study full-time in New Zealand. They can explore the high-tech teaching methods and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

They have an advantage to work for around 20 hours a week, part-time or full-time depending upon the age and the time limit of studies.

Life of a student visa for New Zealand is same as that of the education period. It may go up to 4 years or whatever is the period of exchange.


  1. Students can apply only if they belong to some other country.
  2. This program is valid for school to school student exchange organized by exchange program organizations or tertiary exchanges.
  3. As the students are considered as domestic students, they need not pay any tuition fee.

Pathway Student Visa

Maximum Duration – Up to 5 years

Through single student visa for New Zealand, students can apply for 3 consecutive courses till the visa period is allocated. For that, one must have Pathway Student Visa and should have the capacity to pay the tuition fee.

Students have an advantage to work for around 20 hours a week, part-time or full-time depending upon the age and the time limit of studies.


  1. Any dependent is not allowed to be included in the student visa application. The dependents can apply for their own visas based on the students’ relationship.
  2. Pathway student visas for New Zealand are long enough to complete the students’ qualification plan.
  3. Students must meet the prerequisites for the selected courses on this visa.

Post Study Work Visa

If the students plan to stay and work in New Zealand after their studies get over, they can opt for this visa type.

Types of Post Study Work Visa:

  1. Post Study Work Visa (open) – Students can work for 12 months with any employer after their studies get over . If one gets relevant job of the specialty of the student, one can apply for Post Study Work Visa (employee assisted).
  2. Post Study Work Visa (employee assisted) – One can work up to 2 years if it is a relevant job. To get visa, get open visa or within 3 months of open’s expiry (6 months for doctorate).

Visa Condition Applicable – Students need to spend at least 30 weeks for studies for this visa type.

Documents Required for Student Visa

  • Evidence of student’s identity
  • Health Insurance
  • Evidence of sufficient funds required during the study period
  • Depending upon the native country, one may be asked for the Health Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Offer letter of the institution approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • English Proficiency Test score (Band from 5.5 to 6.5)
  • A return air ticket of the native country or having sufficient funds for the same

What more is required?

  • Health certificate
  • Proof that the stay of students in New Zealand is genuine
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of leaving when the course ends

Visa Exemptions

Mentioned are the visa exemption conditions: –

  • Citizen of Australia.
  • Current permanent residence visa and current Australian resident return visa.
  • New Zealand residence class visa.
  • If students are on Working Holiday Scheme, they can opt for courses having duration of not more than 3 or 6 months depending upon the scheme.
  • Opting for a course which is less than 3 months.

Letter of Acceptance

One requires an offer letter of acceptance which includes: –

  • A written place where course will be held.
  • Name and duration of the course.
  • Proof of course fee to be paid.
  • Whether student has to pay the fee, scholarship or exempted from paying the fee.
  • Whether the course opted is full-time or part-time.
  • Proof for the course, whether course is approved by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).

Students meeting the requirements above can apply online on the official website of New Zealand. The Student visa fee for New Zealand is 289 USD.

Reasons for Visa Rejection

  • Funds are less than required
  • Not fit for visa rules and regulations
  • Any crime records
  • Misleading information
  • Not proficient in the required language

What more to know?

  • What is skilled migrant visa?

If someone plans to stay in New Zealand for a longer term, one must apply for skilled migrant visa to stay and work indefinitely.

  • In which case someone requires student visa?

If students have to study and have plans for more than 3 months for the same, under such condition they require a student visa.

  • Under which conditions one can renew the student visa?

One needs to show the evidence of: –

  1. Academic Performance
  2. Attended enough classes
  3. Progress a student made
  • What are the conditions to work during the education term?

To work for at least 20 hours a week the student must be:

  1. Enrolled with a program which is of at least 2 years
  2. Taking English language courses
  3. Gaining qualification which leads to gaining points under skilled migrant category
Contractual Relationship with Institutes
Universal College of Learning (UCOL)
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Palmerston North, New Zealand
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
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Tauranga, New Zealand
Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)
Art and Design / Innovation
Hamilton, Zealand
Wellington Institute of Technology (Weltec)
Health and Social Service / Construction
Lower Hutt,, New Zealand
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Have Plans To Study In New Zealand?

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Study in New Zealand

Students are encouraged to think as an individual and find their own solutions, which is how many develop unique strengths and ideas whilst studying in the country.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is known for its low tuition and high-quality competitive education. It comes under top 20 nations offering quality education to its students.


International students aspiring to study in New Zealand have to attempt and pass two types of tests – English proficiency and academic entrance requirements test.

Application Process

The student intake or admission cycle of New Zealand is between February and September.


Scholarships play a very important role for funding New Zealand. By scholarships, students may not need to worry about part-time jobs.

Work In New Zealand

In New Zealand, international students have an advantage of working immediately after completing their studies through special visa.

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