Scholarships in New Zealand

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Scholarships in New Zealand

Benefits of scholarships for Indian Students

The New Zealand Government, New Zealand universities and private educational institutions provide numerous scholarships for international students to study, which includes full scholarship in New Zealand. The several available scholarships in New Zealand are aimed to provide better opportunities and financial assistance to students in need.

The diversity and flexibility of New Zealand education can be found in courses like Sustainable development. Branch of Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development focuses on solving problems of Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation by tapping into the natural resources and thus using them to full potential.

The government and institutions provide scholarships in New Zealand for developing countries in 2019 that could enrich the student life in the country. Scholarships to study in New Zealand and the deadline to apply depends upon the institutions and universities. Educareer provides thorough complete information regarding scholarships and the process behind it.

Types of Scholarships 

There are typically 5 types of scholarships in New Zealand for international students, which are merit-based, need-based, college-specific, student-specific and career-specific. The government awards scholarships to eligible citizens from different parts of the world and offers full scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate education, international scholarships for Ph.D. programme, and several other doctoral scholarships.

Before applying for scholarships for studying in New Zealand, there are certain requirements one should meet. So, how to get a scholarship to study in New Zealand? 

Selection Process

A legal student visa is the first step. The eligibility questionnaire, citizenship, length of residence in your home country, academic and language excellence, work experience requirements, etc are some of the eligibility criteria for study in New Zealand scholarship. One has to meet all these eligibility criteria to secure scholarships to New Zealand.

New Zealand is a beautiful country with a high-quality education system. Hence, there is a high demand for education in this country among international communities. Even though the cost of living and education are much affordable compared to other western countries, a small portion of Indian students still couldn’t afford it.

The government of New Zealand along with universities and private funders provides grants, scholarships, and fellowships to tackle this obstacle. They make it possible to study in New Zealand with a scholarship for international students. Once you completed and qualified the eligibility criteria you apply for the scholarship in New Zealand.

 List of various scholarships

Undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. scholarships. Scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students include government awarded scholarships like, 

  • New Zealand English Language Training for Officials Scholarships (NZELTO)
  • New Zealand Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study
  • New Zealand Short Term Scholarships for citizens of Southeast Asia and Timor-Leste

There are also hundreds of master’s degree scholarships and PhD scholarships in New Zealand in 2019.

  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

This is the most popular scholarship for Indian students to study in New Zealand. This is a highly sought after scholarship program since it covers tuition fees, living and travel expenses, health insurance, etc. Those who pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. in New Zealand with scholarships or Ph.D. study, in general, can give a try to secure the Commonwealth Scholarship.

  • University of Auckland International Student Scholarship

This scholarship is merit-based can be applied by both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can study Ph.D. in New Zealand with a full scholarship. Department of Accounting and Information Systems Ph.D. Scholarship – at the University of Canterbury

This is a Ph.D. scholarship in New Zealand for an international student that supports Ph.D. students in programs like Accounting, Taxation, or study of finance at the University of Canterbury. This fully-funded Ph.D. scholarship in New Zealand is sustainable by full-time students engaged in study for a Ph.D. degree.

MBA in New Zealand with scholarship:

Some of the MBA scholarship to study in New Zealand in 2019 are,

  • University of Auckland International Business Masters Scholarships

Along with several Masters scholarships in New Zealand for international students, The University of Auckland also offers MBA scholarships and fellowships like this. The scholarship offers up to NZ $30,000 during the duration of the study.

  • University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship

The university offers scholarships for Indian students to study in New Zealand. The awarded money ranges up to NZ $10,000.

  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

 The University of Waikato offers several scholarships for students from all around the world. University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship offers up to NZ $10,000 during the completion of your education.

Health and Medicine: There are several medical and MBBS scholarships in New Zealand for international students such as AUT Doctoral Scholarships and Dean’s International Doctoral Scholarships (FMHS). 

The government has implemented full scholarships to study in New Zealand for eligible international students. Similar to Ph.D. in management in New Zealand with a scholarship, there are several unique scholarship opportunities provided in the country. There are more opportunities to attain scholarships in new zealand for international students in 2019.

The New Zealand education system being student-centric provides financial assistance and grants for successful completion of education. Depending on the institute of selection, location, and course of study you can try to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in New Zealand scholarship. Contact Educareer consultancy to acquire complete New Zealand scholarship information.

Documents required

The lists of documents required are;

  • Class 10 mark sheet
  • Class 10 Passing Certificate
  • Class 12 Mark sheet
  • Class 12 Passing Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Bachelor’s Mark sheets
  • Provisional Certificate/Graduation Degree
  • Supportive documents:
  • Appointment letter/work experience letters
  • Proof of work experience (for a course like MBA)
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Diplomas certificates if relevant
  • GMAT/GRE results
  • IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL Academic scores
  • Letter of Recommendation (if applicable)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Medical insurance
Contractual Relationship with Institutes
Otago Polytechnic
Business / Management / Health Sciences
Auckland, New Zealand
Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
Film / Engineering / Medical
Invercargill, New Zealand
Tai Poutini Polytechnic
Agriculture / Art / Chef
Auckland, Zealand
Unitec New Zealand
Accounting / Acting / Digital Marketing
Auckland, New Zealand
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Students are encouraged to think as an individual and find their own solutions, which is how many develop unique strengths and ideas whilst studying in the country.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is known for its low tuition and high-quality competitive education. It comes under top 20 nations offering quality education to its students.


International students aspiring to study in New Zealand have to attempt and pass two types of tests – English proficiency and academic entrance requirements test.

Application Process

The student intake or admission cycle of New Zealand is between February and September.


The visa process of New Zealand is quite simple and fast.

Work In New Zealand

In New Zealand, international students have an advantage of working immediately after completing their studies through special visa.

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