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Salient Features

Welcome To Educareer India : Salient Features

Authorised representatives of trusted universities and colleges in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Switzerland and France. 
End to end solutions to the overseas study requirements like:-

  • Selection of appropriate course
  • Selection of  right college/ university
  • VISA processing services
  • Pre admission training
  • Financial advices and bank loan assistance
  • Pre Departure guidance for facilitating smooth transition
  • Facilities for providing IELTS training
  • Free of cost services  

The organisation is lead by experienced directors with proven entrepreneurial excellence in the field of career and education.

The whole process of admission including VISA formalities are handled by passionate and competent team of experienced counsellors.

Professional and Scientific Career  Guidance

We offer Career Aptitude Test for students through ecareerguru.com, to find out the most appropriate career/study stream of the candidates among nine contemporary career streams.

Ecareerguru is a scientific tool with the analysis of 15 aptitudes, Intelligence level and career preferences and suggests the most appropriate stream of career for a student.  (for details pl visit www.ecareerguru.com)    

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