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Truth About Common Study Abroad Myths

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Flying thousands of miles away from home to study abroad is one the most sought-after dream of Indian students. Sheer excitement of getting acceptance in a foreign university doubles when the element of travel adds to it. But in most cases it turns out distance doesn’t keep one from realizing their dream, it’s the mental barrier!

The more you think chances of something turning out in your favor are slim, the more negative beliefs reinforce in your thought process and big dreams almost seem impossible to achieve.

Only the Rich One’s Can Afford to Study Abroad

In India, it is commonly perceived that studying abroad is quite an expensive affair and it’s only within the reach of those belonging to affluent class. Agreed that compared to the cost of higher education in India, pursuing a degree in a foreign country is more expensive.

But do you know that you can save almost half or full cost of tuition fee with scholarships exclusively available for international students? Yes, If you have proven an excellent track record in academics, you can avail one, and there are numerous grants and student loans that you can not absolutely miss out on!


My Major Isn’t Offered Abroad

Indian students who wish to take the road less-travelled and major in an unusual field of study eventually settle for a course which is widely available within India. Just because they aren’t aware that what they are looking for is easily available in schools abroad.

Don’t make this mistake of jumping to final decision without doing a proper research! Search for the major that suits you best and filter your results country and qualification level wise. Our website lists a wide variety of study routes at bachelor’s, master’s and diploma level available in the US, UK, Canada, UAE and Ireland.

I Do Not Speak Their Native Tongue

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There is bound to be a university that offers their programmes in English, or offer courses to help improve your English ability. If you cannot find one, then you have the rest of the world to search for a university that offers the courses in English. This is the least of your worries. As long as you are able to speak, read and write in English, then you will be okay.

You’ll Graduate Late If You Study Abroad

This partly depends on how seriously you take your studies and partly on the destination you choose to study at. If you study well and earn all the required credits to graduate within your course duration then there is no question for any delay in graduation. In fact graduation rates were recorded to be 17.8% higher for those who studied abroad than those who did not.

Secondly depending on location the time required for you to graduate may differ. For e.g a business course studied in the UK may take up to three years to complete, whereas the same pursued in the US can take up to four years. But don’t overlook the benefits you will get over the extended year of study.

US education is modeled in a way so as to provide an extended year of study for students to gain professional experience before they step into the working world. Agreed that you graduate a bit late, but you step out of the college well prepared to take on job and life responsibilities. And that’s the purpose of education, isn’t it?

Experience As An International Student Does Not Matter To Your Future Employer

Your potential employers might not outright say that they prefer people who were international students. However, it is not always as much about the fact that you studied abroad but more about the skills you learnt.

Being able to make a plan when things go south, taking responsibility for your studies and time, being able to interact with different cultures, and being able to stand on your own are some of the skills that you will likely learn during your time abroad. It will make you more open minded and definitely give you an edge over other candidates.

A significant leader, Nelson Mandela, once said: “It is only impossible until it is done.” Yes – there are things to consider and sometimes your circumstances do not allow you to follow your dreams but do not dismiss them before doing thorough research.

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